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The Kemnoan Empire
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Rendezvous in a Ruined City begins in the ancient city of Ulan on the northern verge of the great Nasapan River Delta. This first book of The MOONTUSK Chronicles eventually takes you into the High Hotal mountains of the far northwest where sacred mammoths are revered, and where a meeting takes place that is destined to shape the world. In subsequent books this continuing saga of adventure, romance, tragedy, triumph, and a quest for enlightenment eventually takes you to many parts of this world. 

The Dreamways are technically part of the mainland empire to the north, and as such are considered a provincial kingdom. However this realm of lush tropical islands lies fare enough removed from the mainland that, aside from some trade, the actual connection is slight. Among the legends of the island people is the belief in a rare flower called the Dream Orchid. Supposedly just one sniff of its fragrance may produce enlightenment, however the almost irresistible second sniff produces instant death. Or so the legend says. You can learn the truth of the matter in Book Two: Orchid of Awakening.

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