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The Stardust Tarot (Formerly known as I.N.T.)
An experiential workshop with Bruce P. Grether

I.N.T. = Interstellar NeuroGenetic Tarot!

As fancy as the words above may sound, the subject of this workshop is in fact, extremely simple! The essence of this is not complicated or difficult at all. Everything you need to know lies within the stardust of which your body is composed…

One way to translate the ancient Chinese word "Tao" is as "The Way the Universe is Organized," and certain great people of the past have penetrated deep into this mystery. People such as Lao Tzu, the Buddha, Pythagoras, Jesus, Dr. Dee, Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Einstein, Tim Leary and Robert Anton Wilson, and Stephen Hawking have made major contributions to the understanding of key patterns in human awareness of the Universe.

The fruit of their labors has been distilled into a fine essence that is now available to you!

It is called the Interstellar NeuroGenetic Tarot or I.N.T. for short. The I.N.T. resembles an oracular system such as the Tarot--yet I.N.T. is actually a periodic table, an archetypal "book" of evolutionary process, and a grid that despicts temporal and structural castes of human nature!

"Does the immediate future of Life on Earth appear a wee bit scary to you lately? These amazing times are our greatest opportunity ever, as well as the most serious crisis our species has ever created for itself!

"The best way to deal with the current reverbs of Future Shock is to look at NOW--the Present--from a futique or future perspective; look back from somewhere around 2100 CE-to-2300 CE (Current Era) a period that represents the upcoming time of humanity's Interstellar Renaissance. Then you will indeed comprehend and accept even what seems darkest and most difficult about the world as it is. Yes--we will inherit the stars!

"Am I talking science-ficition, or avoidance of tough facts? Not at all! However, one thing we're now sensing is that all "Time" happens simultaneously. There is no separate past or future apart from that mysterious Eternal Present, the NOW. In fact you can diagram how the past and future cancel each other out in the present--only I will not try to explain or illustrate that here! Deep in your cells, you know already…"

      -- From a BruceNews Letter to his email list

Discover how esoteric traditions of antiquity meet and merge with the scientific paradigms of today and tomorrow. The I.N.T.--a set of 24 images, or Tarot Major Arcana--illustrates the central Octave-Wave that organizes everything from your atoms, molecules and cells, to planetary life, and the galaxies beyond!

I have spent decades in study of the deepest and highest patterns of existence, from Sacred Number of the Ancient Egyptians, to the Periodic Table of Atomic Elements. A truly universal pattern begins to emerge that shines startling light upon everything from the I Ching, to the Buddha's Eightfold Path, to the Game of Chess, to the Game of Life itself.

This workshop provides key information that can help you understand what is going on in the Universe and within yourself, as never before. The fact that your body is composed of 90% stardust, combined with the Octave-Wave of eightfold processes and evolutionary principles yields remarkable insights and expands your awareness. This is not about thinking or doing, so much as simply being what you truly are!

There are Three aspects of the human journey into a limitless future illuminated by these images of the I.N.T.:

      S.M.I.2L.E. =

  • Sex Magick
  • Intelligence Increase
  • Life Extension

How this equation of ( S.M.I.2L.E.) relates to the I.N.T. is the central paradigm that this workshop explores. Sex Magick bascially means that the erotic and the sacred are One; Intelligence Increase is autonomous lifelong learning, as well as actual brain enhancement; Life Extension is all that can lengthen living span while mainitaining quality of life. Anyone who basiclaly loves life will want to live far longer so long as basic health and mental functioning can persist!

Have you ever wondered exactly who and what you are, where you came from, and where you are going? The answers may be found in this examination of such questions through the Interstellar NeuroGenetic Tarot!

Sunday, May 27th, 2012 from 1:30-4 PM at Heart of Texas Yoga Studio in Wimberley, Texas. Wimberley's Premiere Yoga Studio  is located at 111 Old Kyle Road, Suite 200, Wimberley, Texas 78676. Click on link above for more on the studio and a map.

Please RSVP and pre-payment is required, as I need a head count! Cost = $30-$45 sliding scale (pay what you can). One scholarship will be provided.

Last day to RSVP is May 23th, 2012.

To RSVP and for instructions on how to pay, contact Bruce via email at "bgrether(at)austin.rr.com" with subject line "I.N.T. Workshop" If you wish, I will be glad to talk with you about the event.

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