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The 9 Realities of Stardust
A Guide to Being Human in the Universe


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This book reveals everything you need to be aware of

to tap into the limitless realities already within you!


“It’s time for change! If we go deep with The 9 Realities of Stardust we could create a better world. Bruce P. Grether is a man passionate about the reality of all of us being stardust, being ALIVE!”

— Javier Millan


“This important book merges cutting edge science with timeless spiritual wisdom, demonstrating that essentially they offer much the same guidance in navigating the modern world. A unique perspective.”

— Thomas E. Manes


"Very few books have really mattered in history and this may be one of them. It could be as game changing and prophetic as On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin was in 1859.”

— Phil McDonald


THE 9 REALITIES OF STARDUST is a radical presentation of a new “scientific animism,” yet its content may seem in many ways quite familiar as it stirs deep memories and associations within you, to remind you of the wonder, the awe, and the enthusiasm that lives at your core.

The author empowers you while reminding you of much you probably knew as a small child, and of many things your Ancestors understood directly from their connection with Nature and the world they lived in. In today’s world fraught with new forms of corporate media control, and also increasing opportunities to employ the “godlike” powers of cutting-edge technology, one crucial process is that we must “get back to the Garden.”

We cannot go backwards, but in order to save our species and our planet from unconscious threats, we need to explore anew the concepts of matter, energy, and spirit.


The 9 Realities of Stardust

A Guide to Being Human in the Universe


 I AM the Source


At Every Moment I Leap into the Abyss of the Unknown


All Worlds Are Equally Real and Equally Imaginary


I AM virtually Identical with Every Human Being


Everything Evolves


I have Lived Forever and I Remember my Life


The Earth IS My Immediate Family


The Center Is Everywhere


Everything Is Alive


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