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The N.U.I.T. Omniverse:
Maps, Character Portraits, Images and further information about the Worlds of N.U.I.T.

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Though some of Bruce’s works focus on gay male issues,

N.U.I.T. has a broader focus and its erotic content is diverse.

What IS the Trisexual Agenda?

Loosely inspired by the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis,

Osiris, and Horus, this epic tale of N.U.I.T. dives deep

into the archetypal realm

to uncover genetic realities of human and religious origins

in pre-Sumerian times…

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Major Worlds of the AIA Domain


NUIT takes place on a number of planets in various star-systems. The most important stars of the narrative are shown above, with their major planets in parentheses. The planet Gaia-1064 orbits the sun-like star designated by the same number.

When humanity nangeneered a Ring City of 13 orbital elevators connecting the surface with a continuous habitable space in geo-synchrony far above the Earth's equator, humans by the billions, eventually ascended into orbital space. This relieved over-population pressures, solved the environmental crisis, and put an end to accelerating warfare. Gaia-1 became a true Paradise again!

Humans realized they could actually inherit the stars, and thus began the diaspora of human migration throughout the galaxy. Faster-than-light travel facilitated the terraforming of multiple promising planets that became Earth-like colonies of the original Mother World. A great deal of good ironically emerged from the crisis of humanity's close brush with planetary matricide, however human nature had not been perfected . . .

Character Sketches for NUIT:

Denny and Fiona are young lovers whose 1-on-1 male/female dyad is considered taboo in their otherwise enlightened and tolerant society, in which trisexuality, or 3-way relationships are considered the proper norm. They live at rural Sandoz Keep, on the planet Gaia-1064. According to the carefully-exerted cultural conditioning of the AIA Sisterhood which prevails in most post-diaspora human societies of the galaxy, female  humans should always include at least two males, and never only one, during erotic intimacy. This belief helps to prevent males humans from claiming exclusive paternity of children and ownership of females. However it's consequences come at a terrible price for young Fiona and Denny . . .

Marana is the High Matriarch, or Owara, of the AIA Sisterhood that has its primary home in the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet Johnson that orbits the star Ganesh. She is a tetra-centenarian, having lived for over four centuries, and at the time when The NUIT Chronicles begin, she faces a devastatingly difficult ethical choice. Plus, she carries a terrible secret in relation to the subversive Hawk Brotherhood that is now stirring up challenges to the AIA's long-successful Pax Galactica.

Mary Castle bears the title of Owarini, meaning that she is a member of the High Council of the AIA called the Owacha. As such, she is one of the 12 highly-trained and gifted women who sits in the circle with the High Owara. Mary is young and beautiful, with sable curls and amethyst eyes, yet a part of her can be tough as the Bucky filament cables that connect a Ring City's elevators to the planet's surface. She feels honestly uneasy about how serving as the Owara has affected her beloved mentor, Marana, and is not convinced that all she has been told about the Hawk Brotherhood is true.

Ra'i Ra'i is a Maradan female who sits on the Owacha as an AIA Sister. Her people are native to the oceans of the planet Dibulla, though in fact, they may have been nangeneered from standard Homo galacticus since the diaspora from Gaia-1. Dibulla orbits the double stars Nun and No.

Apollo Demaris is native to Elysia in the Western Hemisphere of the planet Johnson. He is the male scion of a family of minor nobles who own great tracts of land. On that planet he is second-in-command of the subversive Hawk Brotherhood that challenges the Pax Galactica, under the leadership of Bishop Floyd and his Ancient Egyptian Reformed Temple. The AERT claims to actually have a council of Archbishops and a Supreme Patriarch, though the identities and locations of these individuals is concealed as a Temple secret for security reasons.

Bishop Floyd selects his arch-deacon and protegee Apollo Demaris for a mission of great importance, to open diplomatic negotiations with the AIA Sisterhood. Unlike his protegee Apollo, Floyd is not a hereditary patrician, but has gained wealth and property through his own ruthless ambition. The Amazons, as some call them, have their galactic headquarters on the continent Kerid at the other side of Johnson. Though he may resent Apollo's effortless theft of his beautiful young cup-bearer, Lullabye John, Floyd is counting on Apollo's considerable erotic charisma to compromise the women sometimes called "Amazons."

Lullabye John (AKA John Glass) is a young man from a tough, extremely low-class background in the great port city of Threx. He has somehow retained a warm-hearted boyish sweetness, along with his personal beauty as a human male. Hired to help with landscaping and gardening on Bishop Floyd's estate, Lullabye catches the eye of Apollo. However, while Apollo travels to Kerid on behalf of the AERT, Lullabye undertakes a seemingly trivial, yet deadly dangerous trek into the notorious Thieves' Market of the underground slums of Canis Major . . .

Ram Disbu lives on the planet Dibulla that orbits the double-stars Nun and No. He is an intelligent, well-educated man who has rejected potential lucrative careers in the corporate world for the direct experience of working on a fishing-boat out of his native city of Reemis. Dibulla has somewhat retrograde cultures, despite the Pax Galactica, a sort of patriarchal society has arisen, particularly in the Eastern Hemisphere. He does not strongly question much until he witnesses crimes he can not stand by and allow to happen again.

Dwen is a Maradan, one of the aquatic humanoid race that lives in the oceans of Dibulla. Though they may in fact be directly related to human beings, despite a legendary history of close early relations, the Maradan and the land-dwelling humans have grown not only apart but somewhat estranged. Many humans now view the Maradan as somewhat sub-human. Dwen lives a happy life among her undersea people until one fateful night when she becomes entangled in the nets of a fishing boat off the west coast of the continent that humans call Distar . . .

George Pontifex is a highly successful professional who attended the University of Reemis at the same time as Ram Disbu, and there they became close friends. Though the men have not been in contact very often for some years, when Ram becomes a fugitive from the sinister, white-uniformed Truth Officers that serve Control Central, George shelters his beloved school friend and finds his own life in danger and changed forever.


Intelligent Non-Human Species:


Temple Dogs

Natives of the Planet Fu Hsi that orbits the star Nu Kua, the Temple Dogs are a highly intelligent species that resemble the canines of Gaia-1, though these beings stand a full three meters in height, compared with the two meter human average. Unlike the larger varieties of domesticated canines of ancient Earth, the Temple Dogs evidently have life-spans of at least several centuries or more. Also their numbers appear to be extremely limited, though some do inhabit other worlds. However much concerning these remarkable beings remains unknown to humanity as the Temple Dogs maintain a distinct distance from human affairs.

The Canicula Codex

A Xuan Hsi Mauscript by Xanamu Def, preserved on the Planet Fu Hsi

(For more about this illuminated manuscript associated with Temple Dogs click HERE.)

El Shad (King of Titans, AKA Uranus, Atziluth, Metatron, World Prince, Prince of Faces, The Cloud of Glory, Mixcoatl, Ayn Soph Aur, Parabrahma, Archetypal Macroposopus, and Primum Mobile.)

Nautiloidi are an intelligent alien species that can be described in more familiar terms as monopedal (one-footed) beings resembling cephalopods that have adapted to land-based living. They have an advanced, star-faring civilization based on the planet Arctuseth. This species plays an increasingly important role in the unfolding narrative of Heru, which continues from the plot and characters of Nuit. Though seemingly quite amiable and friendly toward humans, and able to communicate quite clearly with so different an intelligent species as the Gaian bipedal primates, on deeper levels the nautiloidi awareness proves far more alien than we may imagine.

The average adult nautiloid stands about shoulder high to a human, counting the peak of the shell as the apex. Due to the radically different physiology, total body mass is slightly more than human average. All nautiloidi are hermaphroditic, thus humans use the neutral pronouns "SHe" and "Hir" in reference to an individual. Though this species seems so radically different in appearance and culture, the DNA of the nautiloidi is suprisingly similar in molecular structure to human DNA. Both are evolutionary expressions of stardust potentials that have encountered roughly similar initial conditions for the generation of a biosphere and then diverged somewhat due to different evolutionary mutations and environmental changes.


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