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Temporal Flux
by Henry Aaron Plantagenet, S.D.

Increasing proximity to the unconditional condition of Singularity precipitates intenmsified mythic polarization in proportion to distance from the event-horizon, that threshold from which energy waves are not able to re-emerge as informational data.

At the event-horizon this intensification of duality between light and dark, male and female, self and nonself is reversed in the direction of renunion of all distinction in the total fusion of nonduality.

The process of injection through the inner event-horizon of a rorating blackhole, passing outside of the Ring Singularity itself and back into normally curved spacetime from a region of ultracurvature is a dangerous yet effective means of "time travel."

The trajectory of the injected capsule with the crononaut(s) on board is parabolic as imaged from 4D spacetime, a bell-shaped dip through the static limit, the outer and inner event-horizons surrounding the Ring Singularity.

Only by a complete and instantaneous reversal of gravity-field to anti-gravitational spin can the crononaut(s) or time traveller(s) successfully return through the inner and outer even-horizons and the static limit surrounding the ultra-dense rotation and return from the nondualistic state into dualistic spacetime.

In my sketch of this process, the multiple arrowheads on the exit end of the trajectory indicates multiple possible timelines. Indeed, if the number of travelers contain in the capsule is more than one, regardless of how their timelines may diverge thereafter they forever remain intimately One in the deepest and highest sense of non-separation.

-- Henry Aaron Plantagenet, 3269 S.D.

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